tween you and me cover

TWEEN YOU AND ME by Deb Dunham

Being a tween isn’t easy.  You aren’t a kid anymore, but you’re not responsible enough to have as much freedom as teens.  This difficult time of life is made simpler with Tween You and Me by Deb Dunham.  Sometimes we all feel dumb, or ugly, or so sad we can’t stop crying, but are rarely told how to deal with our feelings.  In this book, Deb Dunham explains not only that these feelings are normal, but that we can control them.  One by one, common negative thoughts are categorized with suggestions for replacing them with positive ones.  The positive mantra for eliminating the feeling that you are dumb is, “I was given many talents.  I now focus on what I’m good at and what I can enjoy.”  There’s a lesson to be learned here -- tweens can take control of their feelings and, ultimately, their lives.

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