seeing cinderella

SEEING CINDERELLA by Jenny Lundquist

If you were given the chance to be able to read minds, would you take it? Now, before you answer, take into consideration that you might learn some less than pleasant things about your friends and their opinions about you. Calliope "Callie" Anderson isn't gicen a choice before getting stuck with hideously dorky glasses that let her see the thoughts and memories of everyone around her.

When she discovers the power of the glasses (bought from a shady optometrist who speaks in riddles) 7th grade Callie is shocked to learn that her so-called "best friend" has many unexpressed opinions about Callie, most of them negative. Callie, a shy and insecure girl obsessed with writing in her journal, realizes she needs to meet new people and try new things lest she be all alone in middle school. When Callie's mom insists that her daughter needs a Spanish teacher, Callie eagerly approaches a new girl in her grade named Ana who recently moved from Mexico. Ana's Spanish is fluent, her English is impressive, and her friendliness is unquestionable. However, Callie soon finds that there's more to Ana's story than meets the naked eye.

Callie is also signed up to be part of the 7th grade production of Cinderella. Shyness and acting don't usually go together so Callie is stunned when her funky drama teacher asks if she'd like to have the lead role. Callie turns down the offer, preffering instead to be Cinderella's understudy so she won't have to face her inevitable stage fright, or so she thinks...

Author Jenny Lundquist weaves an entertaining story about growing up. She creates a quirky and relatable main character who develops immeasurably over the course of the 200 page novel. A funky tale about middle school, making friends, and just a hint of magic, Seeing Cinderella is an adorable addition to any tween's bookshelf.



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