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Games and Puzzles

Below are quotations taken from books by a range of authors. First, read the quote and try to guess which book it's from. If you need a hint, run your curser over the quote. When you are ready to find out which book it came from, click on the quote. Email me if you got all six correct (without clicking first), and I'll recognize you on the Games and Puzzles page.

quote 14

quote 13

quote 12

quote number 4

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I put the answers on the submissions page, so try to fill out the entire crossword before you look at the answers!




1.____way to Olympus

6. Initials for Run Away

7. God of Thieves

10. Common Suffix

11. An Attack

12. A Friend

13. Initials for Our Savior Zeus

14. __ Good as it Gets

15. The Cause of Icarus' Death

18. You ___ Do It

20. G_eek_

21 Tic ___ Toe

24. Most Greek Mats were made of this

25. The ______s invaded Greece During WWII

26. Initials for Hercules High School

27. Creatures with Bird Bodies and Human Heads

28. Pt_l_my (Greek Astronomer)

29. First four letters of a Homer classic


1. Third Letter of the Greek Alphabet, Plural

2. Plural of Poseidon's Messenger

3. Another Form of the Verb Ease

4. Queen of Olympus

5. Petrifies Those Who Look at Her

8. Same as 6 Across

9. First Two Letters of a King With a Golden Touch

14. _______ of Something He Didn't Do

16. Muse of Astrology and Astronomy

17. English Translation of Alpha

19. Tree ______ are Protectors of the Wild

22. What You Say When You Sneeze

23. What a Greek Pig Says