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January 27, 2009

Two really cool books by an author I know (well, actually we’ve only met through email) are Don't Know Where, Don't Know When and A Different Day, A Different Destiny, both by Annette Laing.  Dr. Laing contacted me through my website email and offered to send me her books.  You’ll find the reviews on the REVIEWS page.  Both books follow three tween friends through time travel adventures.  If you like history or fantasy (and especially if you like both), you will love these books.  In my last email with Dr. Laing, she wrote,

As you realized, Hannah and the boys haven’t even started back at school yet—the books take place over the course of one year. I’m planning a total of five in the series, and I’m currently writing the third (no title yet!) which is set in 1748. I hope it will be out in 2011, and I will look forward to finding out what you think!

I can’t wait for book number three. You can find Dr. Laing's books and a lot of information about her on her website at