war horse cover

WAR HORSE by Michael Morpurgo

Reviewed by Sydney

How much can you love a horse? There’s no limit to the adoration for Joey, the war horse, from his master, Albert. Joey wasn’t always a war horse. He lived on a beautiful farm in England and was quite content with his life. Albert took excellent care of Joey and loved him deeply. All of this changed when the war started. When it was time for Albert and Joey’s village to recruit, Albert’s father was in desperate need of money. Since Joey was the finest horse in the parish, he would be worth a great deal and Albert’s father knew it. Without telling Albert, Joey was sold into war. In the book War Horse, the story of World War I is portrayed through the eyes of a horse. This historical fiction, tells you of the casualties of war and the ever-lasting bond between a boy and his horse.

The book War Horse is written in a very unique way.  War Horse is unique because it is the diary of a war horse. The chapters do not have names, but are numbered convieniently with a length of about 6-10 pages. The book moves through events quickly and has a fast pace. It keeps the reader engaged by creating multiple suspenseful moments, without cliffhangers. There are multiple unexpected twists. The language use is also uncommon. It includes a bit of informal use and special terms. Most of the unfamiliar terms are inferred in the text. The main themes must also be inferred. I think the major lesson is that love can get you through anything.

War Horse is not for everyone. I would recommend it to those who can take hard core truth, and are interested by wars. Since this book is an historical fiction, it is filled with facts and teaches you many things. I would not recommend this book to those who are easily upset and emotional. This book can be little heavey at times and can change your way of thinking about the war. I think the appropriate ages to read this would be 14 and up. This book is similar to The Black Stallion, Anne Frank, and Number the Stars. If you enjoyed these books you should also enjoy War Horse. This book is incredibly powerful and well done. I will always remember this book and how evidently real it was.


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