uglies cover

UGLIES by Scott Westerfield

Reviewed by Isabella

Uglies has been one of the most captivating and engrossing books I have ever read. This magnificent book is fictional. The setting of the book takes place in quite a few areas because the characters are constantly in an adventure. The three main places are Uglyville, New-Pretty Town, and The Smoke. You might find that the book uses strange names for settings and other items. The reason this is all so strange is because this book takes place in the future. Mankind as you know today is known as “ The Rusties.” Ugly-ville is where all of the “ ugly” people live. You reader would be considered an ugly. When you turn sixteen you get a surgery that changes your life forever. You receive stunning looks, strong muscles, and can never get zits or get sick. After the surgery you move into New-Pretty Town. Once you get there you go to parties all the time and the only thing that is of importance is being trendy and cool. But some of the “ Uglies” are not like the others. Some are rebellions that play sneaky tricks and think that the surgery is plain stupid. Many of those kids become runaways and run to a place called “ The Smoke.” It is a hidden society that you will learn more about in the book later on!

The next topic I will be reviewing is the characters; the characters in this book are rebellious and intelligent. The main character in this book is Tally Youngblood. Tally comes to meet many conflicts and drastic measures in this book for the sake of the surgery. Tally thinks she is hideous and cannot wait until she can have the surgery. Everything is going is planned until she meets Shay. A bold, daring, and curious teenager changes the lives of many young people. Tally and Shay discover they will get the surgery on the same day! When the night before the surgery arrives Shay does something wild. Shay runs away. Tally refuses to leave and wishes her the best of luck as her best friend departs. When Tally arrives to get the surgery, there is a serious problem. She is sent to Special Circumstances and left with one threat and backpack full of food lasting two weeks. “ Find Shay or never turn pretty.” Tally has waited all her life to become pretty, but she promised Shay she wouldn’t tell a soul where she is. You will have to read on to see the life changing choice she makes.

The author of this book has an excellent use of language and description. All scenes of the book clearly appear in my head. The author uses more of a movie point of view. To clarify this view, if you have been to a movie before, when you read this book it clearly plays in third person, this is the same with Uglies. Chapters in this book have one-worded names. They have three parts to this book; each part has around 141 pages. In many of the chapters a new conflict begins. Since there are so many chapters and conflicts you will find there are many cliffhangers! Uglies sends an extremely important message to all readers. You don’t have to look beautiful to be beautiful. Beauty can often be thought of on the outside, but true beauty is in your heart. Tally decided to become pretty for one important reason, and it wasn’t for herself. You will find that Tally’s old wishes are far from the ones she develops in this inspiring tale.


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