twelve cover

TWELVE by Lauren Myracle

Reviewed by Julia

I know some people like action books and other people like books about reality, and, occasionally, a chick flick book. Twelve by Lauren Myracle is definitely a chick flick reality book. Who wouldn’t like these kinds of books? This book is about a girl named Winnie. She has just recently turned twelve. This is a big step, right? She has to deal with all of the things typical twelve year old girls have to deal with. She has a friend or crush on Lars. She has a new and recent best friend, Dinah. She is also trying to get over her old best friend, Amanda. All Winnie wants is to go through a whole year of happiness and no drama. In middle school, you have got to be kidding me? Drama, of course, heads her way.

There are definitely some good things about becoming twelve. There is also the most embarrassing thing about turning twelve. What about bra shopping? EMBARRASSING! I know it is hard to turn twelve. The good things about turning twelve are ear piercing, sleep away camp, and junior high? Winnie is just like you and she has to deal with all of these problems. Do you think she can get through it without drama?


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