the wish list

THE WISH LIST by Eoin Colfer

The Wish List is a fiction novel that takes place in Ireland. The narrator of this book uses humor and gets you familiar with the characters. The narrator never identifies himself, but I assume that he is the author of the book, Eoin Colfer. Meg Finn is a girl who tries to rob an old man, Lowrie McCall, with her partner in crime, Belch Brennan. Unfortunately, Lowrie catches them and starts waving a gun around. Belch tells his dog, Ripper, to kill old Lowrie and Ripper launches himself at poor Lowrie McCall and latches on to his calf like a leech. Meg tries to protect McCall and, finally, Ripper lets go.  By now, Belch has the gun and it is being waved again, this time at Meg. Meg runs away from Belch, but runs into a dead end with her back pressed against a gas tank. Belch shoots the gun just to scare her and it hits the rusty gas tank. There is a huge explosion, instantly killing Meg, Belch, and Ripper. Meg is sucked into a huge blue tunnel, but unfortunately, the good and bad deeds in her life total up to exactly even. She must go back to Earth and help Mr. McCall to accomplish four of the things that he regrets not doing.
I would recommend this book to anyone, girl or boy, from the age of ten to fourteen. The main character, Meg, is fourteen and I have found it is always easier to identify with the main character if he or she is closer to my own age. There are a few words that may or may not call for a dictionary, depending on how many words you know. Readers, who have read and liked the Artemis Fowl series, also by Eoin Colfer, will enjoy this book. They are slightly similar. Also, readers who are interested in fantasy novels and the concept of the afterlife will like this book. I would give it a four and a half star rating.


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