the wild girls cover

THE WILD GIRLS by Pat Murphy

Reviewed by Katherine

The Wild Girls by Pat Murphy is a book about seeing the world through an author, finding out who you really are, who your family is, how much you love them, and they love you. Have you ever moved from one house to another on the other side of the country? While I have not, I think that this book really showed me what that would be like. It captures the life of a twelve-year-old girl who makes that move and now has to start the “making friend, get to know the neighborhood” process all over again.

She meets a girl named Fox, whose real name is Sarah. Together Fox and Joan, who goes by Newt with Fox, explore and have a lot of fun over the summer. When school starts again Fox goes by Sarah and she and Joan are not friends at school. They are only together on the weekends. When one of their teachers, Ms. Parsons, asks Joan if she would like to enter a writing contest, Joan asks Fox to do it with her. Fox agrees and together they write a story about the wild girls. At the contest, they meet a woman named Verla Volanter and she offers them a spot at her writing class over the summer. Some of the writing assignments make Joan and Sarah learn more about their families.
Though you will have to read the book to find out what they learn. I really liked the part where they put on lipstick war make-up to read their story. I think that if you like books about tween girls and/or if you like writing then you should read this book because it has a bit of both.


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