the strange case of origami yoda cover


Dwight is a clueless loser who sits in holes and eats chalk. But he gives kids the best advice for their problems and is really quite endearing. Actually, Dwight's finger puppet is the one who gives the good advice. The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger is the curious mystery of a finger puppet that can see the future. That's right. An origami Yoda finger puppet seems to have psychic ability. It predicts a pop quiz, a bad movie and who will get kicked off American Idol. Now Tommy, Dwight's friend, is getting down to brass tacks. He needs to decipher the mystery of Yoda. In this hilarious mystery case file, Yoda stories are carefully looked at to discover if Yoda really is tapping into the Force, or if Dwight is smarter than they all thought. At the end of each story are comments from Harvey, a total Yoda nonbeliever.

My favorite story is "Origami Yoda vs. the Vampyre." I like it because Dwight and Yoda have conflicting predictions of an upcoming movie. Dwight thinks the movie is "gonna be awesome," while Yoda completely disagrees. It thinks the movie will get two thumbs down and people will save money by not going. It is amusing to imagine the disagreement between a finger puppet and a 6th grader.

Near the end of the book, Dwight is teased one too many times. To make a long story short, Yoda ends up in a trashcan covered in baked beans. The next day, Tommy has to risk his social status in a leap of faith to prove his belief in Yoda.

I really love this book because I saw a very vivid picture whenever something was described. I could see Tommy desperately trying to fix origami Yoda after its visit to the trashcan. Near the end of the book, I was kept waiting to find out the secret of Yoda and the outcome of Tommy's risk. I never would have expected the answers I found. In conclusion, The Strange Case of Origami Yoda is a good read because it's hilarious, suspenseful, and very well written.

Note: This is an Amulet Book (imprint of Abrams) that will be published on the first of March 2010. Watch for it at your local bookstore.


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