the roar

THE ROAR by Emma Clayton

Reviewed by Caroline

The Roar is an amazing book. While reading you learn about believing in yourself and doing what is right. The Roar is by Emma Clayton and is a fantasy book. Everyone lives within a wall that is protecting them from the animal plague. The wall goes around all of Europe. But this book takes place in London and in space in the future. The main characters are Mika and Ellie. Mika and Ellie are twins. They can communicate telepathically. The twins love each other more than anything in the world. When the twins were little Ellie got kidnapped by an evil person named Mal Gorman. She was sent to a huge shuttle in space. Mal Gorman told Ellie’s parents that she was dead. But Mika never believed anyone who said that she was dead. Mika with the help of his friends, have to go to space and save his beloved sister. 

The author of this book uses many perspectives to tell the story. Sometimes in present tense or in past tense, from the narrator’s point of view and sometimes from Mika’s, Ellie’s, or Mal Gorman’s point of view. The book is a narrative. The chapters are all numbered and they all have titles. The Roar has a series of twists to it and has many cliff-hangers that leave you right on the edge about to teeter off. When I read this book, I could not put it down. It kept me very engaged. The Roar makes you believe more in yourself and also you learn that twins can really communicate telepathically.

I would recommend The Roar to anyone who likes space, video games, and animals or just anyone over the age of nine years old. People who liked the Hunger Games would really enjoy The Roar. If you read it just remember to believe in yourself and to always have hope in hard situations.


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