the name of this book is secret cover

THE NAME of this BOOK is SECRET by Pseudonymous Bosch

Reviewed by Serafina

In The Name of This Book is Secret, by Pseudonymous Bosch, an evil couple has a diabolical scheme to kidnap children with special abilities. An example of this ability might be when a child smells peanut butter, he sees the letter “P.” When the couple steals Benjamin Blake, the main characters, Cass and Max-Ernest, go to the secret hideaway, a spa, to save their gifted friend. When they go to the spa, they get captured also! The couple has a plan to do surgery on Benjamin’s brain to get his talent. Cass and Max-Ernest need to escape from the prison and save Benjamin before his brains are gone. The characters leap off the page.

I recommend The Name of This Book is Secret to people of all ages. I also recommend it to people who can take a good joke, love a hint of mystery, and love to just read a good book to pass the time. I couldn’t put this book down and I could definitely read it over and over again. I loved this book because it has suspense, especially the cliffhangers at every chapter. My favorite aspect about this story is that the author talks to the reader throughout the book. He says his opinion about the scene, defines words that you might not know, and asks the reader questions. I also greatly enjoyed the two sequels, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and This Book Is Not Good For You, as the first book. These books are like none others.


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