the maze runner cover

THE MAZE RUNNER by James Dashner

Reviewed by Mara

In the pitch-black darkness Thomas finds himself being lifted up. When the lift doors finally open, there are many staring faces, all boys in their teenage years. Thomas soon learns the place that he has mysteriously arrived in is called the Glade. Thomas still has no recollection of his past life, his family, or where he came from, but it seems that everybody here has no memory. What else is peculiar is that giant walls open and close every night protecting the Gladers from the creatures that lurk in the outside maze that surrounds the Glade. The next day, another person is sent up from the lift, but this time it is a girl, the first girl ever. Everything about her is surprising, the message she wrote and who she is. In this fantasy book, Thomas is a natural born leader who is determined to find a way to get out of the Maze, Thomas also makes fast friends and enemies. Thomas can’t help that he keeps finding himself being the center of attention. All Thomas can hope for is to try to find a way back home. This book takes place in the MAZE and is in the time of 2232.

The Maze Runner’snarrator is a voice that alternates from person to person, but the perspective is from the main character Thomas. Many narrative books have different styles of writing and connecting with the reader. The author of this book is James Dashner. The author constantly leaves cliffhangers making you want more. James Dashner did wonderfully with the aspect of effect, but the description was also amazing. Each chapter chapters is around 10- 15 pages each. Most chapters of this book have a new conflict or event in each in one chapter. Which means that in each chapter there is a new interesting occurrence. For example someone may solve something or an event could take place. Many times you cannot put down the book for you must know what will happen to each character as they go through their struggles. Many characters talk in their own local slang and formal vocabulary. There are some very challenging words. Many words can be inferred by reading what is going on, but some are trickier. Most of the writing includes dramatic words to go along with the dramatic suspense. A very important theme is to take care of your planet. Trust and friendship are shown throughout the whole story and social issues are another theme.

The Maze Runner is a great thriller for those who like suspense and action. If you enjoyed Harry Potter, The Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series, and the Hunger Games you will greatly enjoy this story. Any body 12 to 30s would enjoy this suspenseful book. I would not recommend this book to anybody who does not like suspense and likes more heart-warming stories better I would not recommend this book to. The sequel to this book, The Scorch Trials, comes out on Oct. 12, 2010.


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