the looking glass wars cover


Reviewed by Michelle

Princess Alyss Heart is the heir to the Wonderland throne after her mother who was revered by her people. Alyss thinks that being a queen will be boring. She even has to take lessons, which were a nuisance, from her old wise tutor, Bibwit Harte. Alyss wishes she could just play with Dodge, the son of Sir Justice Anders, and Alyss's best friend. Sadly enough, Alyss doesn't even get to her coronation. Her murderous Aunt Redd breaks into the palace, and, having already killed King Nolan, Alyss's father, she aims for Alyss's mother, Queen Genevieve. Yet Alyss escapes the war scene with her bodyguard, Hatter Madigan, through the Pool of Tears. This is a special pool used for travel, but the few Wonderlanders that went in, never came back out. Hatter has their location set already, except they are both separated in the pool, Alyss going in one place, and Hatter the other. When Alyss swims to the surface, she finds herself surrounded by buildings and cars. What will happen to seven year old Alyss in a place that is most unlike Wonderland?

The truth is that Alyss meets an orphan by the name of Quigly Gaffer, who takes advantage of her powerful imagination for money. Next, she is adopted by the kind and loving Liddell family, who force her name to be spelled “Alice”. She falls in love with a prince named Leopold. For thirteen years, Alice Liddell has nowhere to go in this place with her memories of Wonderland fading day by day. Meanwhile, back in Wonderland, these thirteen years are spent trying to keep hope that Princess Alyss Heart will come back. How can that happen when the poor princess is so far from Wonderland? Will Hatter Madigan rescue her?

In this fantasy-fiction book, Beddor brings back the story of Alice in Wonderland to ages 10 and up. He introduces a whole new world of the Wonderland we thought we knew. The question is: will Alyss get back to Wonderland, defeat Redd and win the throne? Or will she be stuck in this mortal world with the Liddell's? I was quite shocked but pleased with the answer. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, not just people who like Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Also, if you do read this, be prepared to read the next two books in the trilogy, Seeing Redd and Arch Enemy.


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