the extra-ordinary princess cover


Reviewed by Natalie

The Extra-Ordinary Princess combines modern life with medieval elements to create an adventurous fantasy. The setting is in the fictional town of Gossling. The main character Amelia, is the fourth princess in line to become Queen, but her red curly hair and tomboyish ways don’t make her feel like a princess or a member of the family. Amelia has three other sisters all of whom are beautiful and proper. Henry, is Amelia’s best friend he is the King’s “almost” son, and lives with them and accompanies them on all their journeys. The princesses evil uncle, Count Raven, can shape shift into a raven. He has a lot of plans for Gossling and wants to take it over. The action of the story surrounds how Amelia thwarts Count Raven. Amelia is always trying to save the day. When Lily, Rose and Merrill are turned into swans and a tree, Amelia rescues them.

The book is told from different people’s points of view. In each chapter is narrated characters. This makes the story exciting because we get to hear the story from many view points. The author uses a formal word choice in this book this helps readers know they are not in a modern world. The message in this book is that family is all that matters.  

I recommend this book to ages 8-12, because it is written moor for that age group. This book is such a fun read I had a great time reading it. People who are interested in magic, fun, adventure, great sadness and great happiness will love this  book. I would have to say this is one of my favorite book’s. I would give this book a five out of five.  The Author Caroline Q. Ebbit is an amazing author.  This was her first book  and she did an amazing job.    


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