the beast of noor cover

THE BEAST of NOOR by Janet Lee Carey

Reviewed by Eva

“Do not wander in the Deeps
Where the Shriker’s shadow creeps
When he rises from beneath
            Beware the sharpness of his teeth “
-a saying on Enness Isle

The Beast of Noor is a fast paced exciting book that pulls you in with adventure from beginning to end.  It takes place on Enness Isle, which consists of a small town, a rocky beach, green rolling hills, and the deep Shalem woods, a dark forest, filled with strange sounds and fearsome creatures.  Miles and his sister Hanna have grown up hearing stories about Shriker, the fearsome demon dog that haunts the woods.  Every full moon, Shriker comes again to call another victim to the woods.  Miles knows that the killings cannot go on much longer, and after being trained by the Falconer, Miles decides to go on a quest to end Shriker’s fearsome reign.

The Beast of Noor is written in the third person as you follow Miles through a land of danger, wonder, and magic. From escaping a queen focused on destroying him, to battling a huge falcon one on one, the peril never seems to leave him alone.  He and his sister learn that there is always a way to make up for past wrongs, no matter how big.  The Beast of Noor is a very well written fantasy narrative and it teaches that it is never too late to forgive. 

I loved this book. It was exciting and suspenseful all the way through. I would recommend it to all fantasy lovers above the age of nine.   I would give it five stars.  If you liked Eragon, Gracling, or the Percy Jackson series, you would definitely love The Beast of Noor. I warn you, there is some violence and intense scenes, but it is not overdone.  I loved The Beast of Noor.


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