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THE ALCHEMYST by Michael Scott

The Alchemyst by Michael Scott begins on a typical day in San Francisco.  Twins Sophie and Josh Newman are working at their mundane jobs when a mysterious, intimidating, and unquestionably evil man enters the bookstore where Josh is working.   He is in search of the owner, Nick Fleming, and the book he carries with him.  A battle arises and the mysterious man walks away from the now eradicated bookstore with his prize. 

After the battle, Josh and Sophie are shocked to learn that Nick Fleming is none other than the infamous Nicholas Flamel born in Paris in the early 1330s.  He and his wife Perenelle became immortal when they discovered the recipe for an immortality potion in a book commonly called the Codex; the very same book that had just been stolen.  The Codex was stolen by a Dr. John Dee, born in 1527 and an immortal servant of the Dark Elders—beings determined to destroy the entire human race.

After absorbing the shock of meeting someone older than their country and learning about a hidden race bent on destroying humanity, Sophie and Josh have one more thing to brace themselves for.  They both have incredible potential to be magicians and Flamel is about to awaken that potential.  The caveat: Dee and the other Dark Elders are hot on the trail of the group, and will do anything to stop the twins from gaining power.

I liked this book because of its interesting plot, the constant cliff-hangers, and the fast paced action.  This book is not easily comparable to any others I have read and cannot be summarized in a single sentence.  The chapters change view from following the Nicholas and the twins to following Dee on his evil escapades.   The end of nearly every chapter leaves a cliff hanger like opening a door to meet another ally or enemy, narrowly escaping certain death, and being interrupted by a loud noise around the corner.  The book is about 375 pages, but only takes place over a course of two days.  It’s so jam packed with action as the protagonists jump from danger to danger.  The Alchemyst by Michael Scott has a brand new plot idea, enough cliff hangers for an entire library, and so much action that in comparison, skydiving would be a bore.


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