ttyl cover


Reviewed by Audrey

         The book TTYL is a book brilliantly written in all IM’s, or Instant Messages, by Lauren Myracle.  It is a romance drama, taking place at three girls computers.  Even though it’s at their computers, they share the daily gossip, who’s on their good list and bad list, and more.  Maddie is on the more daring side and is more adventurous than the other girls, while her friend, Zoe, is a “goody two shoes” and not much of a risk taker.  The third girl is Angela.  She is described as very pretty and kind of a flirt.  At the beginning of the year, the three girls each make a promise to do something fun and different.  As the year unfolds, the girls are all caught up in a mess trying to fulfill their promise.  Maddie becomes a follower of the hated “cool girl.”  Angela is trying to find “the one.”  Zoe is falling for someone way out of her league.  Will the drama tear these girls apart or make them stronger?

         The book TTYL is written from these three girls point of view as they reflect over their day.  The chapters are organized by the time and day of the chat.  The chapters are normally 2-3 pages long.  The girls talk in slang and use special animated smilies when expressing deep emotion. Through out this book, there are teachings of high school life.

            I recommend this book to girls ages around 12-16.  Boys may not like to read about girl conflicts in high school.  Younger girls will not like it because they will not understand what is going on.  The book TTYL has two sequels l8er g8er, and TTFN.  If you enjoy these books you will also like the series The Princess Diaries


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