something rotten


Reviewed by Alison

Horatio Wilkes is a normal teen, with a normal life, a normal family, and normal friends. Well, all except for one. Hamilton Prince, whose father’s mysterious death leads Horatio to visit him.

Horatio is a smart and cunning teen with a knack for solving puzzles. When he arrives at his best friend’s house, he must solve the biggest puzzle of all. When the two boys come across videotape announcing that Rex Prince, Hamilton’s father who owns a successful paper plant and has made billions, was murdered. With no cooperation from Hamilton, too many suspects, and a budding romance in the way, Horatio must solve the case alone. The paper plant isn’t the only thing that stinks in Denmark; there truly is something rotten in the prince mansion.

Will Horatio catch the killer? When and if he does, how will he expose the scumbag? What will he do when he finds that that Hamilton, and even himself are the next to be victimized?

This book takes you on an adventure as Horatio goes on life-threatening journeys to find the killer. He finds himself falling for a girl who is one of the lead suspects and hangs around her more than actually solving the case. He must squeeze as much information out of his drunken best friend as well as keep an eye on a mysterious servant, and two “elementary school buddies” hanging round the house.  He must also make sure that there is a good root beer supply and Hamilton hasn’t replaced that it with real beer. This book by Alen Gritz is ingenious. I was never able to put this book down and it had me on the edge of my seat. I give this book five stars and can’t wait to read the sequel Something Wicked. This book is for anyone who likes a good mystery without blood and gore.


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