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SO B. IT by Sarah Weeks

Reviewed by Ciara

So B. It by Sarah Weeks is a fictional story about a 12-year-old girl named Heidi.  Heidi’s mother is mentally disabled so her neighbor, Bernadette, who lives in the apartment next to Heidi, has taken care of Heidi and her mother since Heidi was a baby.  When Bernadette first met Heidi’s mother she said her name was So B. It. Bernadette, also known as Dette has a phobia of going outside which as you can imagine is a problem.  Heidi’s mother only knows 23 words, Dette and Heidi know this because they right down every word she says.  When So B. It says a strange word, soof, Heidi is not sure what the word means and is determined to find out.  When Heidi finds a mysterious roll of film that she develops, it provides her with the clues she needs to find the answers to her questions.  She learns what she must do to find the meaning of this weird word. Heidi must go to the place she saw her mother in the pictures but she must go alone because Dette can’t go outside and Heidi’s mother has an irrational fear of buses. Heidi goes alone on a great adventure across the country to learn the meaning of the word soof.  She discovers that you can’t always know the truth and sometimes you’re not supposed to. 

Heidi is trying to find the truth about her family and “soof.”  The author even talks about truth in the beginning of the book.  This narrative book is from the point of view of Heidi, the main character. Each chapter is named after one of the 23 words So B. It can say that best describe the chapter. The book is all about words so language is very important. The author would have a character make up special terms for what another character did. For example, “royal rimple” was a term Dette made when So B. It would make a face. The book is written in past tense, which I think is important because it makes you feel like the story Heidi is explaining has already happened and that the character is just reflecting on what has happened.

So B. It is a very fascinating book because of it’s interesting and unusual plot.  This would be a good book for girls who like fiction and are around the ages of 10-13. I wouldn’t recommend this book to people who like a lot of action because it doesn’t have much action and the plot evolves slowly.  I would recommend this book to people who liked When You Reach Me or Love, Aubrey.  All of these books are about a girl around the same age and they all have a somewhat sad twist in the end.  The story is unique and I found it interesting to read about what it might be like if I had a life like this.


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