secrets of vesuvius cover


Reviewed by Maxine

The Secrets of Vesuvius is a historical fiction book that takes place in Pompeii, in the year 79 AD. The main character is full of courage and bravery and named Flavia Gemina. Flavia and her friends, Jonathan, Nubia and Lupus are visiting Flavia’s Uncle Gaius who lives in Pompeii. In the book, there have been many earthquakes, but what the people of Pompeii don’t know is that it is a warning.

The story is told by a narrator. The chapters are organized in scrolls and Roman numerals. For example, Scroll I is chapter 1. Many of the chapters end with a twist. For example, “ Uncle Gaius, why aren’t you married?... When we were younger, we both loved Myrtilla. You loved my mother?” The Secrets of Vesuvius uses informal voice, foreshadowing and suspense to keep you wanting to read more. I think that the theme is never judge a book by its cover because the people of Rome had know idea that Vesuvius was a volcano and because of that so many people died.

I thought that this was a great book. If you like an adventure and mystery book you will like it. Both boys and girls will like it. If you enjoyed the first book of the series, The Thieves of Ostia you will like this one. Also if you want to continue the series after the second one there are 15 others to enjoy.


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