rbi a scaly tale cover

RBI: A SCALY TALE by Ripley Publishing

Ripley’s Bureau of Investigation: A Scaly Tale tells the story of a group of kids on a crazy adventure.  The main characters go to Ripley High, a school for kids with special abilities.  Some of these abilities are talking to animals, controlling the weather, using mental telepathy, and having herculean strength.  The kids with the most powerful capabilities are part of a club with important missions.  They travel all around the world to investigate strange sightings.  In this book, the first of the series, three kids—Zia, Jack, and Kobe—go to the Everglades following sightings of a lizard-man creature residing there.  In Florida, the kids run into some troubles when another group—DUL—starts interfering with the mission.  DUL is short for Department of Unbelievable Lies, and their mission is to make the RBI troupe into a laughingstock by preventing them from completing missions.  Almost every chapter ended on a cliffhanger and at the end of the book, I was left craving more.  The RBI books are short and easy to read, and will probably be best suited for younger readers and those kids who are challenged by longer works.

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