pandora gets vain cover

PANDORA GETS VAIN by Carolyn Hennesy

Pandora Gets Vain (2008) by Carolyn Hennesy sets sail with three 13 year old best friends, Pandy, Iole, and Alcie, praying for their lives as a horrible storm wreaks havoc with the ship they boarded. As soon as the three are safely tied together to a sturdy mast, the storm stops. Pandy is as sure as can be that the great goddess Hera sent the storm. Pandora Gets Vain is jam-packed full of action and puts a unique spin on ancient Greek myths. In the actual myth, Pandora opened the box and released the seven evils of mankind, but in this story she chases them down, traveling across several countries in the process. 

The trio is on the ship heading to Egypt to recapture the remaining six evils of mankind (after having caught Jealousy in the first book). They are currently chasing down Vanity. In addition to the challenge of finding the vice, they must fend off constant attacks from Hera. After the horrifying storm, Hera causes one of the world’s first tornados and points it towards the group. Once they finally secure the location of Vanity, they realize it is miles away and they have no way to travel across the dry, barren desert. They make a wonderful discovery of magic crystals to transport them to Vanity, but at a great price. Pandy ages 60 years, making her appear 73 years old. The group continues and finds that Vanity has infected Queen Cleopatra. The queen has people chained so they can only see her and tell her how great she is. Once they capture Vanity they are given the location of their next evil, Laziness. Fortunately, the vice is back in Greece, only 600 miles away by sea. Unfortunately, because of Hera they must take a land route, making the trip closer to 1600 miles. With a deadline of 157 days under penalty of eternal damnation, they‘re pretty much sunk. The book ends on this cliff hanger and the story is continued in Pandora Gets Lazy.


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