millions cover

MILLIONS by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Reviewed by Stella

Millions by Frank Cottrell Boyace is a marvelous story Damian and his brother Anthony have just moved to 7 Cromatary Close. Damian is a fourth grader who is obsessed with saints. Their mother has died and they now live alone with their father in their new house in the English countryside. Damian decides to build a holy hermitage made out of cardboard, the hermitage is in his garden by the train tracks. To him this is were he can live like a saint, until one day a million falls from the sky! Just think , Damian is in a hermitage praying to god and millions fall from the sky, well to Damian who else could it be besides god! With a million on their hands the two have 17 days until its worthless and the pound becomes a Euro. Damian and Anthony go through an adventure of Robbers, money, and a whole lot of commotion at school. This is a fiction book that really one day could come to life. Millions, what would you do with a million pounds?

Millions by Frank Cottrell Boyace is a great book for all who love a bit of suspense with an unpredictable twist. I would recommends it to all from age 9 to 12 boys and girls will enjoy it. I not recommend this to people who love action packed books for this is a bit of a slow book for some, and to all readers who think this will be an adventure book of spending millions and buying houses, and spaceships, it is not. This book is just a story of two boys with millions that they are keeping secret and buy minor things until robbers and scammers come along. I was I bit mad at some of the decisions they made. Millions is a not like any other story I have read, but I am sure it will keep you reading till the end. Readers who liked Millions will also love Budd Not Buddy. Other books by Frank Cottrell Boyce are Framed, Cosmic, desirable, and Framio. Millions is Franks first book. This is a fun book and a quick good read and I think you will enjoy. BON APETITE, and read well.


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