midnight for charlie bone cover


Reviewed by Laurel

Charlie Bone has a special endowment; he can hear the thoughts of people in photographs. InMidnight for Charlie Bone by Jenny Nimmo, Charlie is on a quest to find a missing little girl. It all starts when Charlie gets a photograph that does not belong to him. The photograph belongs to Julia Ingledew, the owner of a bookstore in Cathedral Close and the aunt of the missing child. When Charlie goes to Julia’s bookstore to return the photo, she gives him two inventions that Dr. Tolly made. One is a talking dog and the other is a mysterious box. Although Charlie does not know yet, they are both linked to the missing child. Since Charlie has a special talent, he must change schools. He switches to Bloor’s Academy, a school that the students sleep, eat, and live at Monday through Friday unless they get detention and then they have to stay on Saturday too. This means that he will also have to leave his best friend Benjamin Brown and Benjamin’s dog, Runner Bean. At Bloor’s Academy he meets Fidelio Gunn, Olivia Vertigo, and Billy Raven. One of whom is not trustworthy. Fidelio is a great music teacher and becomes Charlie’s new best friend. Olivia is an amazing actress. Billy Raven is also endowed; he is albino and can talk to animals. Billy spends all week at Bloor’s because he has no home and no one wants to adopt him.  Charlie and his friends go on an adventure to find the missing girl.
Midnight for Charlie Bone is a well-written book. The narrator tells the story from Charlie’s perspective. All of the chapters have a title and each chapter has an average of 15-20 pages. This book has good descriptions. I can visualize what Charlie and his friends look like, and the settings, such as Bloor’s Academy, Charlie’s house, and Julia Ingledew’s bookstore. For example, in Bloor’s Academy, I can see the garden with a ruin, the big dining hall with the tables of students wearing green, blue, and purple cloaks, the long stairwells that have cobwebs, and much more.

Many kids would want to be like Charlie or some of his friends that are endowed with special powers. Both girls and boys who are about age 8-12 would enjoy this book. Midnight for Charlie Bone is a fantasy book. People who enjoy books with magic, such as the Harry Potter series, would probably like this book and the rest of this series. I recommend this book because of the plot, characters, and the writing. All three make Midnight for Charlie Bone a very good book.


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