lux proofs cover

THE LUX PROOFS by Laird Foster

The Lux Proofs by Laird Foster is  confusing, exciting, and completely unforgettable.  The Field family is full of freaks.  Pazia (aka Paz) is sure that on her 13th birthday she will morph into a cougar.  Lucy changes color from day to day and Clerk is convinced he came from a volcano.  Ed can see the past and remember the future.  To complete the freak show, their mother Gabby periodically changes into a bear and their Grandma Amala was murdered 17 years ago.  When Ed has a vivid dream that convinces him Amala’s murderer is still on the loose, the Field’s world is flipped upside down.  They embark on a dangerous journey to find Amala’s killer once and for all. 

One thing I found interesting about this book is the way it switched viewpoints from chapter to chapter without really explaining what was going on.  At some points it made me want to stop reading altogether because I was so confused, but at others I needed to keep reading to find out what happened next.  For me, the whole story didn’t really fit together and make sense until the last few chapters, which at the time made me very reluctant to continue reading the series.  However, when I did finally reach the end of the book, I encountered a cliffhanger so powerful that I had to get the next book. 

This is a book well worth reading and will have you begging for the sequel.  It takes a little time to understand what’s happening, but once you get it, you can’t stop reading. 

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