hurricane mia cover


Hurricane Mia: A Caribbean Adventure by Donna Marie Seim follows a twelve-year-old girl on the adventure of a lifetime.  Mia thinks her summer is ruined.  Her mom is really sick and now she has to spend her summer with the most boring grandparents ever.  The only thing that might be able to save Mia’s mom is magical tea prescribed by a bush doctor, but to get the tea Mia has to sneak away from her helicopter grandparents.   

Mia, her brother Jack, and her new friend Neisha plot to “borrow” their grandpa’s boat while he’s sleeping.  Then they’ll sail to the bush doctor’s home and get the tea.  Everything goes smoothly, until the weather turns.  Suddenly, the kids are stranded on a deserted island in the middle of a hurricane.  All their emergency supplies, and the tea, are on their boat, 50 yards off the shore.  Will the kids be found?  Will the tea cure Mia’s mom?   To find out, read the book.

Hurricane Mia: A Caribbean Adventure is Donna Marie Seim’s first novel for middle school readers.  Her first book, Where is Simon, Sandy? won the Mom’s Choice Award in 2009.



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