hunger cover

HUNGER by Michael Grant

Reviewed by Megan

Hunger continues the story of Sam and the FAYZ. Hunger is the second book from the book Gone. The people in the FAYZ live in Period Beach. The FAYZ began in the book Gone. In the FAYZ there are no parents. Every one over the age of 15 disappeared, and a giant wall went up around the city. In the book Hunger even more problems are arising. There is barely any food left and the kids are starving. There is another threat, The Darkness. The Darkness is a radioactive monster. Hunger is entertaining; full of twists and turns, violent, and packed with action. I liked this book because it was different than any other book I read. It was very interesting to read about what life would be like without adults. Without adults life would be complete chaos. Hunger shows how strong kids can be and how hard they will try to stay alive. This is an example of one of the most gruesome scenes. “Three, four feet away, a long arm-stretch away, Sam saw the worm erupt from the skin of E.Z.’s throat. And then another from his jaw, just in front of his ear. E.Z., no longer screaming, sagged to the ground, just sat there limp, cross-legged.” “Help me,” “E.Z. whispered.” “Sam…” “E.Z. eyes were on Sam. Pleading. Fading. Then just staring, blank.” This passage is very descriptive and the stuck in my head.  For these reasons, Hunger is one of my favorite books.


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