hoot cover

HOOT by Carl Hiaasen

Hoot, the New York Times bestseller by Carl Hiaasen, is the inspiring story of three kids who risk their lives to save a family of endangered owls. This heartwarming story of friendship is told in third person. I chose to read this story because I had seen an article in the paper about how good it was, and I wanted to find out for myself. I also had just seen the movie and wanted to read the book that inspired it.

Hoot is set in present-day Florida. Roy Eberhart, the new boy, spots a mysterious boy running and is puzzled. He follows the boy and soon has another piece of the puzzle. Roy discovers the mysterious youth is vandalizing the future site of a pancake house to protect a family of endangered owls. It is up to Roy and his friends to save the owls. The kids have to face the chance of being arrested to protect the owls living in the construction site.

I think you will enjoy this sure-to-be favorite of everyone, child or adult. This book is one of my favorites because it is a story of friendship and trust. I enjoed this book immensely and think you will too.


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