gone cover

GONE by Michael Grant

Reviewed by Danielle

This fantastic fiction starts when all the people fifteen and older disappear in the town of Perdido Beach. The main character Sam has had a special power for a while and he doesn’t know how to control it. When the FAYZ starts he learns he isn’t the only one with a power. A control freak named Caine also has power. Everyone is now up to Sam because he saved a little girl in a burning building. Everything is going fine until Caine comes down to Perdido Beach with a group of people to take over. No one can stop him because his power is deadlier than most. Once Caine takes over he enforces many rules that restrict people from using their powers. Caine’s happiness from taking over soon ends because he learns something that threatens to make his reign over Perdido Beach end short. While Caine tries to stop this horrible discovery Sam, with the help of his friends Quinn, Edilio, Astrid, and his new friend Lana come out of hiding to stop Caine because they know that he isn’t the right person to rule Perdido Beach. This starts a deadly war that for some will bring an end to their time in Perdido Beach.

This book is in Sam’s point of view. The author sometimes changes the point of view to a girl named Lana. Each chapter is named with the exact time there. For example 273 hours, 39 minutes. Every chapter ends in a cliffhanger. If there is word that I don’t know the author will almost always explain what it is. It is also very suspenseful. It keeps you reading all day. I think that the message of this book is that not everyone is meant to be a leader but when you are you shouldn’t push it away you should use it. There were probably many other things the author was trying to say but this was the one that stood out the most to me.

This was a great book. I would recommend it to ages eleven and up. This book can be a little gruesome so if you don’t mind the talk of blood and wounds then you shouldn’t read it. If you have read The Maze Runner you might like this book. It is full of the same suspense. It also has many of those unanswerable questions that keep your eyes glued to the book. This book has a little bit of romance that makes two friends a little more than that. It also has lots of adventure. It has a little bit of betrayal that changes the way two friends treat each other. If you read this book your not going to want to stop reading it.


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