I, Emma Freke book cover

I, EMMA FREKE by Elizabeth Atkinson

Emma Freke doesn’t fit in anywhere.  She’s twelve years old, six feet tall, has a crazy hippie mother, and possesses the worst name in the world.   In I, Emma Freke by Elizabeth Atkinson, Emma goes on an adventure of a lifetime when she flies across the country to meet the family she has never known.

Emma has always felt out of place.  She’s too tall, too smart, and her bright red hair doesn’t help at all.  Living with a crazy mother and an old-fashioned grandfather, Emma’s only friend is Penelope—a friendly and upbeat fourth grader.  Emma doesn’t know anything about her real father, and her mother never answers Emma’s questions. 

Emma’s adventure begins when she receives a mysterious letter inviting her to the Freke Family Reunion.  Emma jumps at the chance of finally meeting people she fits in with, so she flies to Wisconsin to go to the reunion.  Once there, she discovers that the Freke family is not exactly what she had expected. 

Elizabeth Atkinson writes with a unique flair and style that will captivate readers from page one.  Readers will sympathize with Emma and laugh out loud at her experiences.  This is a great novel for anyone who needs to add a little smile to their life.



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