elephant run

ELEPHANT RUN by Roland Smith

reviewed by Dylan


Nick Freestone--is a handsome fourteen year-old boy who is brave, tough, and sometimes stubborn like his father and ancestors.

Mya--is a beautiful, smart, and tough girl who is Nick's age. She wants to become a Mahout, which is an elephant trainer, but unfortunately only men can become one.

Nick's Father-- is a wise, strong, and stubborn Mahout who runs a teak plantation in Burma.

Indaw--is Mya's older brother and is a Mahout on the plantation.

Hilltop--is a wise one-hundred-year-old Buddhist Monk. He is also Indaw and Mya's great-grandfather.

Sergeant Sonji--is a Japanese soldier who is secretly a good friend of Hilltops and is not harsh like all of the rest of the Japanese.

Colonel Nagayoshi--is a very strict and harsh Japanese Colonel.

Hannibal--Nick's father's favorite timber elephant who at the sight or smell of tigers becomes dangerous.


This story mainly takes place in Burma on a teak plantation. It is very peaceful and normal until the Japanese invade it and take it over. The country of Burma is a huge, thick, hot, and humid jungle with lots of plants, trees, animals, bugs and insects.


The story of Elephant Run takes place in the jungles of Burma on a teak plantation in 1941 during World War II. Nick is living in London, England with his mother and the German Air Force is constantly bombing the city. For Nick's safety, his mother sends him to live with his father on his teak plantation in Burma. Unfortunately, just as Nick arrives, the Japanese invade the country, and take Nick's father and Mya's brother Indaw as POW's. The plantation is converted into an operating center for the Japanese command and Nick is a prisoner working for them. It is run by Colonel Nagayoshi, who is very cruel. With Sergeant Sonji's help, Nick, Mya, and Hilltop are able to free Indaw and Nick's father. While on their way to the safety of Australia, they are recaptured by Japanese soldiers. They are about to be executed when Hannibal attacks the troops from out of the jungle. What caused the huge elephant to attack and allowed everyone to escape were the tiger skins inside the soldier's jeep.


In my opinion, Elephant Run was one of the most amazing books I have ever read. The writing is very effective and powerful and I found no weak parts in the book. It makes you feel like you are there witnessing it all. I could imagine how scary the war must have been in that dangerous jungle. Some of the reasons I like the book is because I am very interested in World War II and both my grandfathers fought in it. I've read other books about the war and liked them also. The other reason is because my mom was an animal keeper at the San Francisco Zoo for many years but was seriously injured by an elephant and had to retire.


I would definitely recommend this book because it is one of the best books I have ever read and it is very thrilling. It's awesome.


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