city of bones cover

CITY of BONES by Clare Cassandra

Reviewed by Niki

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare is an action fantasy with a taste of romance. The story is set in modern day New York City. The main character in City of Bones is Cassandra, Clary Fray. Some important supporting characters are Jace, Alec and Isabelle. They are teenage shadowhunters that Clary meets in Pandemonium, a club for teenagers. Simon, Clary’s companion through the chaos in this period of her life also plays an important part in City of Bones. Jocelyn, Clary's mom who gets disappears, and Valentine, an evil shadowhunter play a big part in the book too. The main plot in the City of Bones is Clary’s search for her identity and her mom who has been kidnapped by Valentine, an evil shadowhunter who all of the shadow hunters thought was dead. The plan Jocelyn so tightly “knit” starts to unravel. Clary goes out to find her identity but she finds a little more than what she was looking for. The main conflicts are between the Shadowhunters and Valentine, Clary and herself, and Clary and Valentine.

I think that City of Bones is not written as well as it could be but the story is so interesting it makes up for it. A narrator tells the book but the narrator focuses on the happenings of Clary. The chapters are organized in numbers and chapter names. Each chapter is 10 to 20 pages. The book is also split into three parts with an epilogue. The author use of cliffhangers is not uncommon but I was so engrossed in the book that the cliffhangers flew by. Twists are a huge part of the book. City of Bones can be very unpredictable. The author uses an informal tone. Some shadowhunter term are used but they are explained and do not make the book confusing. The major themes of City of Bones are friendship and determination.

I would recommend City of Bones to girl readers 12- 15. The book is set from a teenage girl’s point of view and younger readers and boys may not understand the book. I would not recommend the book to people who read shorter books because the book is 446 pages. People who enjoy shorter books may have trouble finishing it. Readers who enjoy books such as The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and teenagers who have read Percy Jackson when they were younger. City of Bones is the king of book that grabs you out of your seat, and pulls you into the twists and turns of this fascinating story.


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