cirque du freak cover

CIRQUE du FREAK by Darren Shan

Reviewed by Mia

Have you ever had a strange obsession over spiders or vampires and felt alone, like no one else has the same obsession? Well, Darren and Steve have the same obsession. You are not alone.

Cirque du Freak, Vampires Assistant, by Darren Shan, cleverly creates himself into the main character, in this heart-pounding book. This book is for many age groups, and I would recommend this book for all. Though some parts in the book may be a bit overwhelming and frightening to young children and may cause nightmares and possibly getting Vampanise- phobia. Which, by the way, are the vampires that try to kill you rather than make an incision in one of your shoulders and taking a refreshing sip of your delicious blood. Well, that is, if you are a vampire.

This book is about an ordinary boy, in an ordinary school, with ordinary friends, good grades, and a high social status. Not for long. The book swiftly changes after an encounter with an unusual freak show that soon changes his ‘destiny’ this all occurred the day his beast friend, Steve, convinces Darren to skip class and break windows on the roof. They obviously got caught. Darren was grounded and his parents made him say they he would no longer be Steve’s friend. The next day, when he told Steve the punishment that he got from his parents, Steve was mad and complained about having a “secret best friend.”
What happens later in this book consists of humans becoming blooded, or becoming a half-vampire, having best friends turns on you, and lives being flipped completely.


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