baby cover

BABY by Patricia Maclachlan

Reviewed by Coco

Baby by Patricia Maclachlan is a darling story. Sophie is an adorable baby that a mother left to Larkin’s family. The family has already experienced a tragic memory and could not afford to get attached to this baby, Sophie. This was a challenge. The family soon gave in and treated the baby like family. Papa would dance for Sophie when she couldn’t sleep and he would teach her rock, paper, scissors even though Sophie didn’t understand.

The theme of this book is the importance of family. Even though Sophie isn’t family, they still comfort her and raise her like their own daughter. It was hard not to get attached, they loved her very much, and were dreading the day that Sophie’s mother would come back.
This book reminded me of  Walk Across the Sea. Even though they are different settings. I recommend this book to all ages. It was quite sad, and touching.


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