alice in wonderland cover


Reviewed by Annalise, age 10

I liked the book Alice in Wonderland because the characters were wacky. I also liked it because the author makes it seem like it is really happening to Alice, but it is all a dream. I think it would be strange to be in Alice's dream.

Some of the characters are very unusual. For example: The Red Queen scary and she likes to yell, “Off with his head!” or “Off with her head!” The Mad Hatter and the March Hare are very crazy because they say one thing then they deny it, and also because they never stop having tea. One other creature that is strange is the Mock Turtle. One minute he'll be crying about something, and the next he'll be doing some kind of crazy lobster dance.

I think it would be strange to be in Alice's dream. For one thing the creatures can talk. There are also all kinds of things that can make you shrink and some that can make you grow. And lastly, because of all the strange vegetation.

The author makes it seem like all this is happening to Alice because they don't talk about her falling asleep. Also the dream first takes place where Alice was before she fell down the rabbit hole. Finally because the characters were made to seem so real.

I liked the book because it was strange. I also liked it because it was kind of like the opposite of our world. I think Alice in Wonderland is a good book for adults and children.



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