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Hannah Dias has been pulled back in time against her will. Again. In A Different Day, a Different Destiny by Annette Laing, Hannah, Alex, and Brandon are sent on another time traveling adventure after their first journey in Don’t Know Where, Don’t Know When. As opposed to the first book, in the second book the three kids are all sent to separate places. Hannah ends up in Scotland in the midst of the Industrial Revolution—1851 to be exact. And Alex is in Savannah, Georgia, while Brandon is in the bottom of an English coal mine–both also in 1851. Professor Kate Harrower is the mastermind of time travel and has lost her modern calculator somewhere on the world timeline. It’s up to the kids to find and safely return it, and themselves, to the 21st century. It is soon apparent the three have a much more critical mission. Time has been spun on its side and the kids must right it. Brandon’s mission is to make a clueless snob who can barely write into the author he’s supposed to become. Hannah must speak out to create a park for the working class of Scotland, and Alex is challenged to transport a young American slave to freedom in England.

I loved this book because it has a very complex, three part, interweaving plot. The chapters jump back and forth between the characters and often end with cliffhangers. Other things I liked about this book were the casually inserted facts about the Industrial Revolution, London’s Great Exhibition, and slavery. Slavery was abolished in the British Colonies in 1833, but not until 1865 in America. I also learned a few details about Ireland’s Great Famine, such as everyone was evicted from their homes and the landlords did nothing to help them. This book had an interesting plot, fascinating trivia, and was an overall great read.


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